About The Artist

Ivan Gaydarov was born in Kazanlak, Bulgaria on March 25th, 1963. He graduated from the School of Plastic Arts and Design "Acad. Dechko Uzunov" - Kazanlak in 1982.

He made his first solo art appearance in 1986 with the design and execution of an exposition at "Nicola Vaptsarov" High School in Kazanlak, including "Cosmic Human" metal sclupture, sized 20 ft x 12 ft.

Various solo and design group projects follow, among them are: Cosmos Research Center in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria; Visual Communication Center in Karlovo, Bulgaria; as well as several catering establishments in Karlovo, including "Vodopada" Tavern, "Moscow" Restaurant and coffee theater.

In February 14th, 1990 he established his own company, named "ITG". Its first achievements being the design and construction of a library in Karlovo Cultural Center, Children's Recreation Center covering 54000 sq. ft. in the town of Banya (District of Plovdiv) and the Club of the Architect in Kazanlak.

He has designed over 200 private and public buildings and establishments, such as apartments, houses, offices, pharmacies, clinical laboratories, doctor's offices, cafes, bars (including a piano bar) restaurants, stores, hotels, as well as holiday complexes, with swimming pools, water cascades, wall paintings and sculpture groups.

Among his remarkable works is the chapel on the hospital grounds of MHAT "Dr. Hristo Stambolski" in Kazanlak. In addition, his portfolio includes 33 models of self-designed chairs and tables, including two models of upholstered furniture.

He uses various materials in his work including wood, concrete, stone, glass, metal, marble, granite, bronze, stainless steel.

His first solo exhibition opened on September, 15th, 2010, exhibiting 33 acrylic canvases and 7 aquarelles.

He furthermore participated in the Annual Autumn Art Salon in Kazanlak in 2010 and 2011. The International Art Symposium in the own of Nagikanizsa, Hungary in April, 2011 was also among his artistic appearances.

His second exhibition opened on December, 20th, 2011, where 27 acrylic canvases and 9 aquarelles were featured.

06/24/2013 - 06/30/2013 - Exhibition "Transitions", Sofia, bookstore "Sofia Press", 21 acrylic canvases

11/21/2013 - 12/08/2013 - Exhibition "On the road", Art Salon Kazanlak, 21 acrylic canvases

His work has spread pass the borders of Bulgaria into USA, Denmark, Hungary, Austria and India.

The company "Heracul" is established in 2007 and it is an inheritor of the "ITG" company. It works on creating innovative and conceptual projects.

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